For spirit brands, distributors, and importers, staying on top of the game is the key to success in the ever-changing consumer landscape. Whether home enthusiasts, bar managers, or bartenders, your target market now commands a greater knowledge and awareness of spirits than ever before. It's thus imperative for your sales team to be well-informed about your products, product categories, and consumer expectations. It’s equally important to have a line of specialty cocktails that both entice the consumer and show them how to use your product at home or at their bar.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Create cocktails specifically tailored to your product which help accomplish two important things: 1) Promote how the product tastes and 2) Communicate exactly how to use this product at home or at their bar.
  • Organize unique consumer and bar industry events such as product launches, portfolio tastings, trade shows, and competitions aimed at increasing brand awareness.
  • Develop comprehensive education programs for sales and public relations staff.
  • Advise during pre-launch product development in order to bring a product to market that will effectively target consumers.
  • Lastly, because we only work with high quality spirits we believe in, our advocacy is an independent stamp of approval that is highly respected in the industry.



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